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Palabras clave: sexo; embarazo; ideas; profesionales; salud. It was made a content analysis of written records about the speeches of professionals who were giving a perinatal education course in a public hospital of Mexico City. Their ideas were that: it is better a planned pregnancy; the pregnant women must be attractive and sensual for their companions; the sex has neither to be coital nor be eliminated in this period, except medical prescription; some sexual positions are more advisable than other ones for fetuses and pregnant women; and the childbirth will be healthy if in the pregnancy infections of sexual transmission are avoided. In conclusion, some ideas of professionals on sex and pregnancy come from the career education and practice, and they propitiate well-being and gender equity, but other ideas imply daily learning and visions of the common sense of sexist biases.

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Buga, Colombia. El adolescente se ha convertido en una población de mayor albur en salud por la inequidad y las diferentes barreras a las que se enfrenta en materia de accesibilidad a los servicios de salud, en especial a los de salud venéreo y reproductiva. The teenager has be converted into a high-risk population in health difference and the different barriers they accept in terms of accessibi-lity to fitness services, particularly sexual and reproductive fitness. That is why the sexual abode education, schools, colleges and health services, together with the stimulation of animation skills, delaying the onset of venéreo activity among adolescent, promoting sexual asceticism and prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections are the most actual strategies to address these issues. Por otro lado, el embarazo adolescente se ha convertido en un importante brete de salud 7,8. Se divide en tres etapas, con características diferentes, cheat formas distintas de enfrentar la sexualidad y un embarazo: 1. Adolescencia temprana años , 2.